Here are two poems I started around the same time in 2010. The first is almost complete and the second is not much more than half way there. I feel that both are worth letting loose to have lives of their own but I also feel that I have probably changed too much now for me to finish them in the spirit they were begun in.

So here they are.

Subjective/objective violence


In my experience

it’s always better to fight

I have fought

and I have not

They never beat you less

if you don’t

Never turn the other cheek

Jaws separate

A lot of physical damage

does not disappear with time

it only fixes

So always fight.

Never turn your back on a knife

but please don’t tell anyone

that I told you.

Kill the hard looks

Just ignore the hard looks

“What other people think of you is none of your business.”

But why does every little fucker seem to think

he’s hard these days

What the fuck do they expect

if they keep looking at me that way?

The ways of heaven and the ways of man never meet

You’ve wasted enough time on hard looks

Learn not to see

Learn not to notice…

There is a lot more to be written on violence and some for it will be here but it won’t quite be like the above.