“What’s moving under my gums pulling the jaws apart?”

One morning Terry Tenebricosa, A bloody-nosed beetle,

Woke up to find himself transformed into a medium sized human.

But this bug turned man didn’t go the Gulliver route

Didn’t teach us lessons of a satirical nature

Didn’t tick off the chapters like he should –

The law, we are not equal before it, best to keep out of it –

The education system, it’s not fair –

Politics, it’s not fair –

Animal rights, people don’t care-

The Media, they don’t care-

And where are the surprises there?

Just wandered into a small town in the midlands


No speech

Something moving under his gums

The incest he was

Pulling his jaws apart

Ingrowing words

In less than two days

From Holding cell to the Secure Hospital

Chemical Cosh

Unable to speak the words he didn’t know