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Call me… No wait, you don’t need to know anything about me.
I want to tell you about a cat. This is a one year old, male, leggy, black-and-white, pretty run of the mill cat that I got for company when it was a month or so old from an old lady who put an ad in the window of the newsagent’s down the road from where I’m living.
This cat and I are about as close as a man and a cat can be; which is to say that we spend a lot of time in close proximity to each other, I talk at him a lot and sometime he stands still and pretends to listen.
We live in a first floor flat in a quiet little street in Phibsboro. It’s just two rooms and I have to share a bathroom but its set-up really suits a cat. He enjoys climbing in and out of the first floor windows which is just about the perfect height for a cat. The flat is a bit messy and cheap so the little fellow can stroll around knocking stuff over (he is a little clumsy) and scratching stuff up (a little) to his heart’s content. The fanciest thing in this place is an old stand-up piano that was here before I was. It’s quite out of tune but it has all its keys and works just fine – not that I play the piano.
This cat doesn’t have a name, at least not that I know of. It didn’t seem like my place to name him and maybe he has some name in his own cat world.
Anyway, that is all sort of beside the point. The point is that recently my cat has started to play pieces by Chopin on the piano. Like I said I don’t play the piano but I do listen to Chopin. It’s not all I listen to but I do listen to his pieces a lot. Seems the cat has been unusually influenced by this.
He started with a few notes from Opus No. 10. Which doesn’t surprise me because I play that a lot.
To tell the truth I just thought, in the beginning, that it was some kind of coincidence but it went on and eventually I just had to accept it.
This thing got me off the vodka for two days just to make absolutely sure it was real. The experience was interesting, by the way, but thankfully not permanent.
Something to note, the cat won’t play anything else. After the initial shock that he was playing at all I kind of expected him to expand his repertoire. I’ve tried to teach him some Tchaikovsky but he just doesn’t dig on anything but the Chopin. I suppose I didn’t teach him the Chopin in the first place so it’s out of my hands.