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I got this message from a friend and I thought I would pass it on to everyone reading the blog-

“As you may already know, since 2011 my father Colin has been suffering from leukaemia (AML type 2).
After initial treatment and a remission of a year and a half, he recently had a relapse and returned to the hospital. After a first cycle of chemotherapy, he was able to go home but went back to a sterile room in the hospital in Nice last week for a second cycle of chemotherapy.
A bone marrow transplant is considered by the medical team to be the best means of treating him. Unfortunately there is currently no donor 100% compatible with him.
Colin needs a bone marrow transplant within 6-8 weeks, after a third cycle of chemotherapy.
Compatibility necessary for a bone marrow transplant uses a complex system of different blood groups (HLA). The chance of finding two compatible individuals outside of siblings is literally one in a million. In other words we have to create buzz on the internet to find someone compatible with Colin!
This email is a bit of a message in a bottle, but in any case getting on the list of bone marrow donor is possibly saving the life of someone else affected by the same disease.
Here are the conditions to be able to register as a donor:
• be in good health
• be between 18 and 45 years old at registration (even if you can donate until you are 55)
Also, you should know that this gift is a little heavier than a single blood donation. There are two methods of sampling cells from bone marrow: by direct extraction from the pelvic bones or by removing it from the blood. The sampling is carried out only after having verified and validated the compatibility and fitness of the donor.
You can get more details on this site:
Do not hesitate to pass this appeal around, posting it on your blogs, Facebook (aargh!) and other social networks.
Thanks a million.
Give it some thought people. Thanks, Jamie