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hammer and sheep


The Two Man Travelling Medicine Show have been in the studio again and have recorded and mixed four new songs. The first to be released is “The Hammer by the Window”
Here’s a link to soundcloud so you can hear it-


The lyrics started life as a poem I wrote a few years ago when I was living in quite an isolated way and walking a lot at night. I became quite interested in the way the mind works under those circumstances, how it produces both paranoia and mythology, how much fear and significance can become attached to very everyday objects and small marks.

I should acknowledge that the black cat who appears in the lyrics and to some extent the idea of ‘marks’  were inspired by a character in a short story by Neil Gaiman called “The Price” which appears in a book called “M is for Magic”.

Oh, and there was, of course a real hammer by the window, but that’s another story…