This is the blog of James Lynch and Hovel Press.

James Lynch is an independent artist and practitioner of traditional chinese medicine.

Hovel Press is the primary medium through which my work is published.


Hovel Press is a very small factory for making stories.

(The scene outside Hovel Press on a particularly sunny day.)

Hovel Press is housed in a small stone shed, surrounded by a sea of mud. Inside a Pixie and a Troll make stories, sometimes for adults and children, sometimes for adults. Equipment is crude and tempers short in the hovel so some of its products are a little rough and ready but these two monsters are obsessive when it comes to the type of magic they can make by putting words together in the right order. (It’s just messy chasing them around and pinning them down)


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Reagan K Reynolds said:

    I admire what you are doing with your publication. I noticed you still have the original banner for this blog format. I think something original would really open up your site. May I suggest using one of your illustrations for the banner? I think that would be lovely.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Reagan K Reynolds said:

    Excuse me, I mean to say something *unique to use as a banner to open up your site.

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